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The brief career examples below illustrate many of the key competencies valued in each role.

Sales - Business Development Manager

In my position as ....., I contributed to expansion and revenue growth through the design and delivery of commercially advantageous market data, plus brand and business development initiatives. The pinnacle of my success was the achievement of top sales ranking of 4/52 in 2017 – the culmination of two years work turning around underperforming accounts.  The basis of this was the creation and delivery of robust market intelligence to ensure more accurate and informed management decision-making and business planning.

Law Graduate

I have chosen a legal career as I am interested in joining a highly regarded profession that is challenging, progressive and rewarding. During my degree, I have enjoyed every aspect of studying law.  I have thrived on the intellectual stimulation and rigour of research, analysis and interpretation of complex legal theory. I found the varied nature of multi-jurisdictional and    inter-disciplinary work that interplays with economics, business, political and social factors especially interesting. I would like a career that involves pre-trial negotiations, and the resolution of contractual matters.

Teaching Assistant

More recently during my voluntary placement as a teaching assistant at …..  Primary School, I assisted the KS1 teachers in planning and delivering lessons.  I encouraged and supported the children’s reading, writing, arts, crafts and creative play activities, and gained experience in adapting my teaching style to meet the needs of a wide range of ability levels. I also organised whole class, group and paired work to encourage the children to explore their ideas with each other and to generate further discussion and understanding.

Statement in Support of University Application

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Recently I enjoyed studying the Open University’s Certificate in Management, and gained experience of the OU’s learning methodologies from a student’s perspective.  I liked the coaching and mentoring approach offered, and found studying in a virtual learning environment very productive.  I contributed to online forums, and valued the cultural and intellectual knowledge of other students. From my experience, the sharing of ideas can be an enabler to effective decision-making and progress.

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