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Helga Edge


❉ Certified Professional Résumé Writer ❉ LinkedIn Profile Writer ❉ 

Commended with 90+ 5* Testimonials. Founded in 1990, A Perfect CV has achieved recognition as an expert in writing CVs, Résumés and LinkedIn Profiles.  Helga has a job market, recruiter, marketing, business management and career consulting background - the perfect mix! With a broad-based business, recruitment and HR background, Helga has assisted clients from blue- chip, top-tier Consulting firms and multinational, industry-leading companies - building a client list that any career consultancy would be proud to behold.

To find out more, read 80+-client LinkedIn Testimonials.  The key to Helga´s success is her ability to write CVs Résumés LinkedIn Profiles and Biographies with rich, informative, well-pitched, relevant and targeted content - with plenty of creativity in the page design. "In my experience, key ingredients to supporting clients are a blend of careers counselling and expert marketing - together with friendly, personal guidance." James Thomas, Director of Operations, Ashford & St Peter's NHS Trust.

Richard Edge


Career Coaching CV Resumes Writing ❉ LinkedIn Profiles 

The Career Coaching Package is designed to help plan your career - including sector assessments, psychometrics, job application, CV Resume Writing and interview preparation. With a trusted team of associates, Richard has a proven track record across 5 continents of combining individual potential with people dynamics to maximize your success, fulfilment and happiness. Whether seeking a diversified and fulfilling career path, entrepreneurship or require guidance with your current fixed circumstances, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Testimonial "Richard is a skilled HR professional – extremely personable, energetic and very well connected in HR circles. His breadth of skill and experience allows him to come up with rich solutions with impressive depth that both achieve organisational objectives whilst retaining a caring approach". James Thomas, Director of Operations, Ashford & St Peter's NHS