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With a clear insight into what is expected across all career sectors, we craft compelling, influential, achievement-based CVs & Resumes - not task focused - targeted to attract and sustain the interest of recruiters, head-hunters and employers in a competitive job market.

We combine MBA FCIPD LLB qualifications with business and recruiter backgrounds to write
impressive CVs & Resumes with an instant "wow" factor - generating interviews quickly!  We offer . . .


Partner a qualified CV Resume Writer to discuss your career, understand your ambitions, and write influential summaries matched to your job target


Proven strategy to promote your value with evidence-based examples of the skills, strengths, accomplishments and attitude recruiters seek in a candidate


Unlock the best career opportunities - bu highlighting leadership, initiative and contributions to business transformations and success


When your personal style and tone inspires trust, your audience can’t get to meet you fast enough.  


High-impact creativity in the eye-catching, distinctively professional, ATS friendly, contemporary page design to attract and sustain interest


Creating an interesting, relevant and engaging CV Resume is an art. Working together, we guarantee your CV Resume ensures you shine!

A perfect cv Services

We take 8 STEPS to accelerate your CV Resume to a higher level.

We write Rich - Relevant - Job Targeted text that succinctly and persuasively doubles the impact of your first page.

  1. We strategically blend in relevant key words
  2. Sentences and paragraphs will flow effortlessly and seamlessly
  3. Expertise and personal style will shine
  4. Initiatives & Best Results are showcased
  5. Information that lacks detail will be rewritten to convey full meaning
  6. Terminology will be compelling - champion - embrace - innovative
  7. Personality traits, ambition, energy, tenacity, resilience and drive will be evidenced
  8. Creating an interesting, relevant and engaging CV is an art. Having authored thousands of CVs we guarantee an interesting, individualised, impressive result.
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Recruiters spend up to 30 seconds scanning CVs.
Ensure your CV Resume highlights your value and optimises career opportunities.

Accounting & Finance
Finance Intern
Finance Director
Financial Controller
Finance Manager
Commercial Manager

We partner with you throughout the CV Resume writing process to advise on and create a TOP TIER CV Resume to highlight commercial acumen, corporate governance, business strategy and planning, forecasting and budgeting capabilities, IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAPP, tax efficiencies, M&As and continuous improvement to ensure you secure rewarding career opportunities.

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Aviation - Airline
Airline Pilot
Cabin Crew
Passenger Operations
Passenger Service Agent
Aviation Security Officer

Flying scheduled & charter flights to destinations throughout Europe ...

Welcomed and provided a caring, supportive and positive approach to …

Initiated changes to swiftly resolve operational disruptions & improve service ...

Managed the check-in and flight boarding process ...

Scheduled manpower resources: porters, baggage handlers, loaders ..

Implemented airport security protocols in line with SAS,ICAO, IATA, JAR ...

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Board Member 
Senior Consultant

A Perfect CV will ensure you reach your goal faster. Your results focused CV will reflect your corporate-level strategic decision-making, geographical scope, operational excellence, turnarounds, ROI, business generation, revenue - profit growth, restructures,  cultural and organisational change, alliances, M&As, divestments,  team building, and empowering leadership that encourages fresh ideas. Clients have secured Executive roles with Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Ford, Mercedes, GE, Google, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, KPMG, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, and many more Fee scale/Order form

HR Professionals
HR Director
HR Manager
HR Business Partner
HR Recruiter - Administrator
HR Consultant

MBAs and FCIPDs with many years HR recruitment experience, we know what works when writing CVs for HR professionals. Your CV will reflect some of the following: Business Partnering | Client Engagement | Executive Coaching | Employee Engagement | Team Leadership | Compensation Structures | Performance Assessments | Talent Sourcing | Retention | HR Capability Development | Compensation | Benefits | Reward.  As an HR professional, your CV is expected to be world-class, capable of illustrating the breadth and depth of your HR expertise in a short timeframe. We ensure it is!

• Influence top tier HR agencies - saving you time and money
• Provide an evidence-based record of effective HR management
• Convey passion for resolving organisational challenges
• Show your determination to reach a high level of perfection
• Empower, coach, influence and retain talented teams
• Possess the personal gravitas to work cross-cullturally at all levels 

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IT – Technology
PMO - Data - Systems Analyst
IT Business Consultant
Prince2 Project Lead
Programme Manager
Database Manager
Solutions Architect

Your  CV may reflect many of the following – Project - Program Management  | Agile | Business Transformation  | SAP R3 ERP BW MM | SQL  TCIP/IP Unix  | Process.

If you are an IT professional, a Perfect CV will capture interest with a Personal, Positive, and Persuasive CV in a Professional Presentation to ensure success. 

SLA | Contract Management | Client Engagement  | C++  PHP  | Java etc LAN | WAN | MPLS | WLAN | VoIP telephony |  AV Systems | Web Portals | Cellular Networks | Agile Methodology | Solutions Architecture.

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Directors - Senior Managers
Sales, Marketers
Hospitality - Hotel Managers
Engineers, Surveyors
Operations, Logistics
Supply Chain Managers

A Perfect CV will capture interest with an influential outline of your most marketable strengths to ensure you reach your career goal. These might include: Strategic Thinking, Management of Change | Revenue Growth | Service Improvement | Targets Set & Achieved | Communications | Account Management | Commercial Strategy | Business Development | Client Engagement | Presentations | Contract Negotiations | Team Leadership | Training | Issues Resolved etc

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Graduates and MBAs
Accounting - Finance
Business Management
Medicine | Pharmacy
Social Development

If you are a Student or Graduate, a Perfect CV will capture interest with a Personal, Positive, and Persuasive CV  in a Professional Presentation to ensure you reach your career goal. Your  CV will reflect the key skills valued by recruiters; for example, communication, initiative, team-working, research, analysis, project presentations, diligence and technical capabilities.  A professional and exclusive Executive CV Writing Service will connect you to top agencies in your chosen field. Your market-ready CV will link to your LinkedIn Profile (if available) - ensuring your visibility in the student – graduate job market. Fee scale/Order form

MBA Professionals
MBA Finance
MBA Marketing
MBA Consultants
MBA Project Managers

As qualified MBAs, we know what recruiters and employers expect from an MBA's CV. We understand recruiters seek MBAs who enjoy challenges, hit the ground running, and are keen to contribute and add value from day one. Your CV will reflect your skills; for example, innovative thinking, communication, initiative, team working, research, analysis, project presentations, diligence and technical capabilities to connect you to decision-makers in your chosen field. Your market-ready CV will link to your LinkedIn Profile (if available) - ensuring your visibility in the global student – graduate job market.

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Probate - Wills
Landlord & Tenant
Professional Negligence

The focus of your professional interview-winning CV will be on your legal qualifications, skills and experience. We ensure that your CV engages and retains the attention of your target audience by writing factually and succinctly, and by weaving into the language not just your commercial and business acumen, but your personality, approach and determination to succeed. 

Whether a Barrister, Partner, Associate, Solicitor, Paralegal, Lawyer, General Counsel, or Graduate seeking a Training Contract, Pupillage or Internship, we identify and match your strengths to the expectations of your target audience.

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Education - Media
Construction | Site Managers
Customer Service
Chefs, Hotel & Leisure
Healthcare - Nurses - Drs
PA, Exec Secretary, Admin
PR, Media, Digital, Creative

The focus will be on your strengths, whether qualification(s), training or relevant career experience. We convey the full scope of your skills and include your work environment, special roles and projects, initiatives and positive results.

Implicit in the writing will be key marketable competencies, i.e. initiative, confidence, interpersonal skill, attitude, ability to influence, team-working, analytical and conceptual thinking, relationship building, management of change, ability to handle pressure and consistency of performance.

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Returning Clients - Welcome back!

It is good to hear from you again! Change jobs faster - update your CV Resume's content and gain a strikingly attractive, sleek and up-to-the-minute format

As you change jobs and move up the career ladder we offer an easy-to-use service to keep your CV Resume up-to-date

Firstly, it is likely that we already have your CV Resume on our database. We will, however, need to collect your latest information, so please send an email with a brief outline of what you have been doing since we last produced your CV - together with details of your career aim. If you are applying for a specific job, send details of the company website, job advert, job profile and person specification - if available.

If you would prefer to provide your information by `phone, please call 0203 4114 876 (UK) or +34 965 771 175 (international), or provide your Skype address. Updating your Profile covers . . .

  • Introducing a Profile summarising the highlights of you career
  • Value Proposition - evidence-based examples of your best, most relevant achievements
  • Selecting, rewriting, and optimising your latest information
  • Mirroring the language in your target job (if available)
  • Editing or eliminating duplicate / less relevant detail 
  • Creating a more modern, visually appealing, professional format
  • Emailing as many proofs as necessary until you are happy 

When changes are complex or lengthy, we will contact you to discuss the work and fee before processing the order. We offer a 3-day turnaround or you can select the Express 24hr service

 "Responsive, flexible and insightful, Helga went above and beyond my expectations. She provided impressive work, adding a big value to my CV and LinkedIn profile. Helga has been available, accurate and attentive to my needs, providing the support I needed. Her work is a worthy investment and a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend her."
Valérie Fauchon International Senior Sales, HR Professional - Mar  2019
As a long-standing client, Helga has ensured that my career has gone from strength to strength. Helga is the true experienced professional who has provided me with outstanding support, advice and guidance on ensuring that my CV and LinkedIn profile remain current and refreshed. It is always a pleasure to benefit from Helga's experience, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence
Gillian Mitton | Consultant – Financial Services Regulatory
“I wish I hadn’t let my fears stop me from changing my career"
MacGregor Buchana  |  Independent IT Consultant
“When the word got out I'd need a CV, your name was recommended six times! Having received my CV, I know why - the presentation is so professional, and you've captured all my skills and experience"
Cheryl, J Sainsburys, Cheshire

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