Interview Coaching - preparation for a perfect interview

Ever missed the perfect opportunity to shine?  
Let´s make sure this doesn´t happen to you!  

We help you to build a great connection with the interviewer and demonstrate the skills most valued.

We work with you to...

• anticipate and 'think on your feet' to give quality answers to questions
• convey a likeable, self-assured and professional manner
• provide examples of initiatives and key achievements matched to the target role
• communicate ideas positively
• turnaround weak areas jeopardising your success into positives
• prepare important questions to ask

• stay positive and ensure a memorable impression

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To learn more,  see what's valued in today's job market . . .

Recruiters spend up to 30 seconds scanning a CV Resume for the skills below

Get that job with top tips and a mock interview.

As MBAs, HR managers and ex-recruiters, we know what interviewers look for.  It's not a mystery!  Whichever recruitment job site,  employer website or vacancy column you read, the same key skills are specified … Initiative - Flexibility - Self-confidence - Orientation to change - Management of pressure - Consistency of performance - Customer care - Creativity - Solutions driven - Ability to influence - Relationship building – Cultural - Diversity awareness - Teamwork and leadership etc

Job adverts seek people who will …

  • inspire and lead teams to deliver first-rate results
  • think outside the box to deliver successful strategies
  • be influential and credible with a solutions approach
  • collaborate and build strong, internal and external customer relationships
  • inspire confidence, and make balanced judgments
  • have ambition - self-starters, with enthusiasm and fresh ideas

Best Interview Outfit

Much depends on the role but generally a conservative look is recommended to ensure that your clothes do not distract.  For a professional look, avoid ‘bright colours’ and go for solid black, navy or dark grey suits and dresses, or neutral colours with small patterns, and white for shirts.  

Recruiters have clearly defined expectations! They know what they are after.

Whether a Board Director, President, VP, COO, MD, Consultant, mid-level or junior manager, a Perfect CV's interview coaching session will ensure you reach your goal faster. We prepare you to demonstrate your decision-making, geographical scope, operational excellence, turnarounds, ROI, business generation, revenue - profit growth, restructures, cultural and organisational change, M&As, high-performance team building, empowering leadership and team-working people skills that encourage fresh ideas. Clients have secured Executive roles with Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Ford, Mercedes, GE, Google, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, KPMG, IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Microsoft to name just a few. To place your order please see the Fee scale/Order form below

Human Resource Professionals

While simple interview questions are easy to field, others are subtler.

Interviewers often use Behavioural-Event questions that place you in a hypothetical situation to gauge the effectiveness of your response.  A typical question might be: "What would you do if one day 25% of your team called in sick?"

Your answer will speak volumes about your skills, personality and style - whether you fit the job profile and employer's culture - and whether you get the job. Could you provide a relevant and impressive scenario? We will ...

•  guide you step by step to ensure a Perfect impression

•  coach you in the techniques to make your answers shine.

• hold a 'mock interview' to practice Q&A's matched to the job spec.

• provide clear and practical advice, you'll know the right questions to ask.

• advise on choice and colour of clothes for specific roles.

Please Contact us  to discuss your requirements or place your order below.

I had my interview this morning for the FD position with a headhunter and have made the shortlist of 5 to meet the MD. Thank you for the assistance in the mock interviews. I believe this has made a significant difference to my interview technique.
Derek, Finance Director, London.
Just a quick email to thank you for helping me with my CV and interview technique.
I went for an interview at Diageo in
Scotland and got the job. It's permanent  which is what I was looking for.
Charlotte Mccarthy, Archivist, Prestwich.
Thanks for the interview training this morning - it won't be long now before I have a job! And two days later ... They've
offered me a temporary contract with a view to permanency. I'm so relieved -
thank you
Richard, Business Analyst, Prestwich.
Helga coached me through interview questions and the best way to articulate my skills. In one month I had 5 positions offered via recruitment agents and head-hunters and was offered 4 jobs.
Cheryl, waitrose, Cheshire

Interview Preparation