INTERVIEW WINNING Letter writing service

A Cover Letter to the right person is a step closer
to your chosen career

A well-written letter is the perfect way to communicate with your target audience and gain an interview. Ninety-percent of job application letters fail to reach the interview pile due to a lack of relevant, clearly expressed information and poor presentation.

We will write a persuasive, personalised and professional letter to present you as the perfect candidate by providing specific examples of how you meet the selection criteria and would be a perfect fit with the company.  Your letter will engage the reader by setting the right tone and being specific as to how you can add value.

Writing a perfect 'Advert' Response Letter

To ensure success, we analyse the job advert, identify essential skills, research the company, review your CV and LinkedIn Profile if available, and draw a match between your experience and the job spec. We know how important it is to select and position the right words, and to include evidence-based examples of accomplishments. This approach gains credibility and helps to ensure you reach the 'interview' pile!

Person Specification and Job Description Cross Referenced

For certain roles, most often with education and HR, we cross-reference Job Descriptions and Person Specifications to ensure every requirement is diligently covered with clear, concise and positively relevant responses.

Writing a `Speculative Job Application Letter´...

We discuss your career aim and review your CV and the likely needs of the target company.  This approach enables us to better understand the type of role that interests you and the best way to write a letter that captures the interest of the reader.

Writing a courteous post-interview 'thank you' letter is a great way to communicate your continued interest in the role, make a good impression and keep you at the forefront of the selection process.

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Helga, You've matched my skills exactly to the job specification and highlighted my most relevant achievements. Just great! 

Danielle Mills, Promotions Manager, Wirral

.Thought you may like to know, I have just received my first invitation for interview from a leading pharmaceutical company.
Stuart Humphries, Project Engineer, Scotland
Thank you very much for the value you added to my Letter and CV, and for your professionalism and patience.
Franciska toto, spain
.  When I found your website I 'was sold'... if you could sell yourself and your services through such good presentation and content I was convinced that you could do the same with my CV - it was the obvious choice compared to the multitudes of websites I had visited
Lara de Vries, France.