Career Coaching

We offer personalised advice to help you change career direction.

There are often lots of options - it can be difficult to know what you want and it isn’t always easy to know what is available to you. The good news is, with the right career advice, it can be much easier to get you to where you want to be.Whether you have been sensing that you need to change your career for some time or you’ve had a sudden realisation that you’re on the wrong career path, you need to make sure you have the determination, desire and resilience to make it happen.

The career consultation package

Tailored to you and comprises...

  • Professional development advice and guidance
  • Exploring your career options and market position
  • CV review and writing plus application guidance to highlight your skills
  • Interview practice, giving you the confidence to make a great impression
  • Any other career advice you need

Pointing you in the right direction

We help you to clarify the work you would find most fulfilling, the environments you want to work in, and point you in the right direction. Together we...

  • define your transferable skills and experience
  • dig deep to learn about careers fitting your aspirations
  • review the skills you possess that employers’ value
  • gain an understanding of why your current role isn’t right for you
  • identify satisfying careers you might not have previously considered
  • clarify your long-term goals, and formulate a plan to help you achieve them
  • reduce the effort and time to make a successful career change

Why not avoid the stress and cost of being in the wrong job!

Make sure you are not one of the people in their fifties having spent a life-time working in the wrong environment - in the wrong role.

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In the words of Buckminster Fuller,

"The minute you know what you really want to do, it's really a different kind of life"

Coaching Case Studies

Individual client

Banker made redundant after 25 years continuous service with Barclays Bank:

  • We undertook an in-depth review of his skills and identified key competencies -  commercial acumen, strategic thinking, business development, negotiation, networking, leadership, relationship building, customer relations,  and much more  
  • Money was not his main criteria - at this stage in his life he was seeking  fresh challenges and something that would be more fulfilling and meaningful
  • Within 6 weeks our client secured a role as manager of a well-known Children's Charity Trust

Long established and well-renowned UK textile manufacturer relocating to Hong Kong

  • Requirement: CVs for 2 Production Managers, 24 admin and 42 Process Operatives.  
  • Programme: set up a CV workshop on site and over an 8-day period provided support and guidance to all staff in writing their CVs and Resumes - capturing their marketable skills and helping them secure alternative employment.

International $billion chemical manufacturer in Cheshire

  • Requirement: a redundancy programme for a member of the Board, finance director, accounting and secretarial staff.  We provided one-to-one counselling and coaching for each employee.
  • Programme: four half-day sessions during which career objectives were identified, and CVs and job application letters were produced. We also coached the accounting staff in interview techniques.
  • Requirement: outplacement consultancy for sub-contractor personnel.
  • Programme: designed a one-week programme and set up a workshop to coach engineering technicians and administrative personnel in job search, marketing and interview techniques
  • Result: within one month all personnel secured new employment
“Richard (Edge) is one of those people who quietly sneaks up on your radar almost unnoticed and then you think how did I get by without his advice and wisdom. Don’t be fooled by the youthful looks - Richard has acquired wisdom that you rarely find in someone of his age and loves to get the best out of others. He has a natural thirst for self-development and a hunger for solving complex issues. A truly rounded Workforce Professional with a mastery of International HR and the subtle skills required to tread a careful path in politically sensitive environments. Definitely a man I would have on my team and one you would want on yours.”
Neil Harper  |  Programme Manager Access
“After undertaking a coaching interview with your career adviser, I felt far more confident about applying for a totally new role ... and I was offered the job!”
MacGregor Buchana  |  Independent IT Consultant
Richard is a skilled HR professional – extremely personable, energetic and very well connected in HR circles. Through scoping large projects with potential for significant workforce impacts I have had
Richard’s support and found him to be of the highest integrity, professional
and innovative. His breadth of skill and experience allows him to come up with
rich solutions with impressive depth that achieve organisational
objectives whilst retaining a caring approach.
MacGregor Buchana  |  Independent IT Consultant
“I had my interview this morning for the FD position with a headhunter and have made the shortlist of 5 to meet the MD. Thank you very much for the assistance in the mock interviews. I believe this has made a significant difference to my interview technique.   
Derek, Finance Director, London