Write a Perfect CV for Sales - Brand Marketing jobs. Professional CVs land Top Sales Jobs

Write a Perfect CV for Sales - Brand Marketing jobs. Professional CVs land Top Sales Jobs

Helga Edge
September 18, 2021

Expectations for top notch CV writing and presentation are the new the norm. The demand for new, superior ways of writing CVs is higher than ever. Here are CV tips and examples to help youwrite a perfect CV.

What do recruiters seek in a Sales – Brand Marketing professional’s CV?

Today’s sales & marketing role is multi-faceted, and requires job candidates with the ability to consistently surpass stretching targets. To succeed in today's jobs market, Sales & Marketing professionals need a CV that demonstrates a great attitude, a collaborative personality, resourcefulness and proven sales results.


Here are Six Steps to help you soar top of the interview pile:


1.  Research LinkedIn job sites, company profiles, and job adverts to learn what companies need, and what recruiters and employers value in candidates. Armed with this knowledge, weave examples of relevant skills and successes into your CV, LinkedIn Profile and Job Application Letters.


2.  Review the profiles of existing employees - doors open to people who have taken the time to research and gain insight into their business challenges, and sales operation, and learn what’s needed in a candidate to add value. LinkedIn is a hugely value jobs and company research tool.


3.  Write a CV that outshines the competition with examples of enthusiasm, initiative, revenue growth, building relationships, creating and driving innovative solutions. CVs fail when they’re full of fluffy words that lack factual evidence of delivering business benefits.


Every word should be persuasive, every line compelling, every sentence clearly and succinctly demonstrating the value you take to the table.

Make your CV a compelling read by blending action-focused key words into the writing: analysed, exploited, initiated, envisioned, accelerated, implemented, created, spearheaded, boosted, transformed, and developed etc.


4.  Here’s an example of a CV for a Senior Business Development – Sales & Brand Marketing Manager featuring achievements. .

🔷   Surpassed stretching targes by focusing on 5 key themes: P&L, sales, brand marketing, client + partner engagement, and team leadership

🔷   Outmanoeuvred competitors by opening and growing high value Transport & Logistics, Engineering, IT & Digital, Health & Social Care, Legal, Banking & Finance, and Public sector accounts.

🔷   Quadrupled performance by coaching teams in lead generation, positive client engagement, closing sales, problem resolution.

🔷   Doubled new business sales in first six months by promoting cutting-edge technology solutions to C-level enterprise clients.

🔷   Increased software sales 60% via integration with third-party vendor.

🔷   Encouraged a direct sales teams to share knowledge, and inspired ideas to thrive to excel and exceed performance targets.


5.  How to credibly include Soft Skills in your CV.

Soft skills demonstrate personal attributes; for example, problem solving, communication, building customer rapport, leadership style, and trust. A recruiter or employer would want to see evidence of softs kills in your CV. For instance:


Candidates who are creative, enthusiastic, and use initiative to resolve problems, and help to build strong relationships are highly valued. These traits can be in the workplace or in voluntary roles.


High on the list of valuable personality characteristics are team-oriented people with engaging personalities, who recognise and appreciate the value of different perspectives and points of view. Provide evidence that you are keen to learn, share knowledge, and listen to others.


6.  Your CV’s Design and Presentation

For best results, a CV's visual presentation should be eye-catchingly attractive and easy to read. The format should be logical with clearly defined sub-headings to provide signposts – helping the reader to quickly find valuable information.


Sometimes less really is more so best not to include too much detail – out of date, irrelevant and repetitive text just buries the highlights. Include sufficient for the reader wanting to learn more at interview.


                                                                                         Whe your writing inspires trust,

                                                                       your audience can’t get to meet you fast enough.


About the Author:  Helga Edge MBA CPRW LCIPD writes CVs | Resumes | LinkedIn Profiles to position you as a valued candidate. With seconds to capture attention, the writing is engaging, the design eye-catching. Result? Accelerated career change, If you want to take your career to new heights, it pays to be exceptional

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