IT Consultant Jobs - CV Résumé Writing Tips

Whether a Solutions Architect, Programme Director, Innovation Consultant or a Systems Engineer ..

Helga Edge
November 6, 2018

Whether a Solutions Architect, Programme Director, Innovation Consultant or a Systems Engineer - applying for a job with a perfect CV Résumé will definitely increase your opportunity to land your target IT job

The good news is, technical jobs - whether contract or permanent - are set to experience rapid growth with high salaries and high employment levels - generated by the number of organizations that are investing in upgrading their technologies.

The bad news is, competition for the top IT jobs remains high and your CV Résumé  has to be specifically key word optimised towards your target job to capture interest. Make sure it is!

An expertly crafted IT CV Résumé will connect you to top global IT recruiters seeking talented IT professionals. This should showcase the most valued professional traits recruiters and head-hunters expect. It´s a good idea to start with a brief compelling Career Overview - a synopsis to position you in your target market and highlight strengths. For example .. ..

"A solid technology background, combined with commercial diligence and strong people skills, are the driving forces behind a progressive 15+ year career, shaping and delivering cost-efficient business transformation – IT solutions programs across global organizations  ..


"Pragmatic and innovative project, program and portfolio management professional experienced in PRINCE2 / AGILE hybrid project disciplines. With 10+ years project, programme and portfolio management experience ranging from transformation programmes, customer insight projects to .. ..

For best results, your CV Résumé has to be uniquely outstanding in content, tone and pr. Avoid ..

• Duplicating information - every line should add value in a different way

• Over-used terms such as dynamic, results-driven, focused etc

• Cliche phrases - methodical approach, track record of ..

• Stating the obvious .. Excellent references available on request

Instead, showcase . . .

• IT qualifications - certifications illustrating up to date expertise

• Multinational leadership and team working capabilities

• Problems resolved, service efficiencies delivered, costs reduced  

• Interest in the business needs / developing new capabilities

Highlight key strengths, with solid examples of added-value results; for example ..

"Grew reputation, market share, revenue and profit via an unrelenting tenacity to resolve technical, operational, and financial obstacles in the FMCG, Consulting, Aviation, Hospitality, Finance and Commercial sectors"

For best results, it is useful to highlight your technical expertise by including applications, systems, networks relevant to the job and still in widespread use applications, systems, approach etc., including C#, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Unix, Oracle, SQL, SAP, C++, VB, HTML, CSS, Siebel, Cisco etc.

There is a lot more to a Senior IT Consultant's CV than technical aspects; for instance, the people engagement skills essential to effective team working, leadership, partner and client engagement are highly sought after strengths and need to be implicit within the writing.

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