Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile -Transform Your Career

Step-by-step e-book tutorial on how to craft a LinkedIn Profile - how to get it right to attain the best results.

Helga Edge
December 5, 2018

Professionals all over the world have discovered the value of a well-written and targeted LinkedIn profile that captures the attention of the right audience. However, achieving a great LinkedIn profile is not as easy as we would all like it to be! This easy to understand step-by-step tutorial explains how to craft a polished and effective LinkedIn profile and why you need to get it right.

About The Author - Helga Ann Edge MBA CPRW LCIPD

Helga has been helping business executives since the 1990s. She is a consummate professional with a reputation for making sweeping changes in the lives of her clients by writing and re-writing their CVs, Resumes and professional profiles; advising on how to change their career paths and showing them how to market their best assets to maximum effect.

She creates a powerful portfolio that highlights her clients’ skills and achievements, including a distinctive CV or impressive online profile. She employs industry-leading thinking and applies in-depth expertise to secure winning results. And her consistent track record for paving the way to a successful career change for thousands has enabled her to expand her own company and earn a reputation as one of the world’s foremost recruitment professionals.

Many of Helga’s clients come to her with fragmented ideas about what they want out of their working life. A professional in the wrong job role, in the wrong location or even in the wrong field can struggle to see what their next step should be.

In her role as a career coach Helga takes a detailed overview of her clients’ career path and rapidly establishes how their skill sets, talents and ambitions can work to change their working day for the better. And she has a golden touch when it comes to cutting through mountains of information on a tired and wordy CV, Resume or profile, turning it into a targeted, word-rich result-achiever.

Some of the world’s most successful professionals have fast-tracked their careers under Helga’s guidance and return to her again and again for more advice and on-going support.

Helga has all the right credentials and experience of a top tier recruitment consultant but clients are drawn by her caring approach, her obvious dedication and love for what she does and her ability to produce dramatic, creative and positive changes in the lives of the professionals she helps. She divides her time between the UK and her Spanish home, which she shares with her husband and four dogs.

Helga says: “As a Career Consultant, one recurring question I am asked by people at different stages in their career is, ‘how can they best protect their jobs in this market downturn?’ The reality is that as organisations struggle to survive, everyone has to give their utmost to achieve business targets."

(Author's note: Link to purchase e-book (published in 2012)