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Finding it difficult to write a CV that succinctly showcases the best of your Project - Program Manager?

Helga Edge
December 13, 2018


Are you finding it time-consuming to write a CV that showcases the best of your IT Project - Program Manager career?

Do you have too much information and too little space on two pages?

Can you separate the best from too much detail? 

No? We can help! 

We know what is important, what works and what impresses your target audience.

Projects can be diverse and require multiple, vitally important skill-sets. 

Central to success is to select the best and write succinctly, providing the information key decision-makers need.

A two-pager is usually sufficient. Be selective - the reader won't have the time to read dated detail - less is more!  

Here is a guide to format with examples of text to assist you write a perfect CV and get new offers.


Identify and focus totally on what your audience is seeking in a candidate in terms of career, skills and character traits. For example: technical expertise, size, type and value of projects / programmes.

Career Highlights

Select and place a varied selection of your greatest accomplishments in a prime position - again matched to your target audience.

Keep it brief. Structure examples using the STAR format:

Situation (the challenge), Action (what you did), Result (the positive outcome). 

"  ... Led the full life-cycle design and delivery of global SAP Financial systems project; resolved long outstanding technical issues and added £MM value to blue chip client's corporate organisations

" ... Architected and delivered ITinfrastructure to host the banking platform in seven EU Wealth Managementlocations ... generated €25M cost savings ..."

"... Created an open communicative environment that facilitated collaborative knowledge-sharing and the over-achievement

"... Designed and rolled out globally a tool that resolved high-risk working practices and improved customer service in a complex financial environment ... "


Give a quick overview - include 'trigger' keywords relevant to what the reader values in a candidate. 

Career section

Commence with the present, the company background,the project scope, purpose and value, with brief details of each project.  Weave into the language your skills and character; for instance, 

Client Engagement ... supports client business strategy, builds relationships with key stakeholders ...  

Leadership ... builds and inspires cross-functional teams to buy-in to organisational goals ...

Project planning - scopes, plans resources, maps processes and embeds new applications and processes to deliver projects to budget and timescale - adding real value to enhance performance

Project Management ... coordinates multiple client projects requiring the resolution of problems arising during organisational transformations

Finance - commercial acumen and the ability to manage costs within budgets

Governance - proactively manages and mitigates risk


Degrees and relevant training courses / seminars

Depending on assignment's requirements, include up to date software / technical skills

Please get in touch if we can assist you in making an excellent impression with a Perfect CV