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Examples and tips to write the Perfect CV for a Driver Job

Helga Edge
November 9, 2021

What to include when sending your CV for a Driver Job

Drivers, your time has come! Jobs for Drivers are in demand, due to work and life-style changes. Technology, and the closure of retail stores, has caused online shopping and home delivery services to boom – contributing to the massive demand for Driver CVs. 

Simultaneously, the number of job hunters moving into the industry has risen so competition is fierce. The answer is to write a Driver CV that sets you apart from the crowd by going above the expected.  


CV Writing Tips 

When writing your Driver CV, it’s important to realise it’s not all about driving. The role of a Driver is so much more diverse. Drivers are transportation professionals who carry passengers, goods, or vehicles. Driver roles include Ambulance Driver, Bus Driver, Car Driver, Chauffeur Driver, Commercial Driver, Delivery Driver, Executive Driver, F&B Driver, HaulageDriver .. to name a few. 

To stand apart from the crowd, your CV needs to include examples of your broad-based skills. A Driver's role may include customer care and service, patient communication, relationship building, efficient time-management, flexibility to changing demands, health and safety, knowledge of vehicle roadworthiness and legislation, route planning and superior navigation skills - all crucial to delivering a high quality of customer service.  

A good  driving record, vehicle maintenance, and the ability to lift and carry heavy objects may also be key to a Driver’s job.


Where to start?

 ·   Analyse the Driver job description, and identify and weave the skills required into your CV.

·    The format for a Driver's CV could be ... Contact Details, Summary, Successes, Skills, Experience, Initiatives, Education, Training, References.

·    Use as many powerful action verbs and job specific information as possible.

·    Highlight your key skills and give examples of job specific achievements.

·    Be selective – keep it brief, focused and relevant – not a life story! 


Examples of Activities & Results to include in a Driver’s CV

 ·   Provided an efficient, friendly, and dependable delivery service to customers and employees.

·    Drove a car to local firms to collect goods, and delivered supplies to the factory. 

·    Checked goods against delivery notes and resolved discrepancies.

.    Chauffeured clients to locations and businesses, and adapted flexibly to changing demand.

·    Carried out routine checks to ensure vehicles were road worthy and in compliance with H&S and transport regulations.

·    Ensured delivery notes had correct signatures as per company policy. 


Examples of a Driver’s Key Skills

Full Clean Driving Licence | Security | Health & Safety | Communication | Customer Relations | Diplomacy | Map Reading | EmergencyResponse | Issue Resolution | Operational Planning | Time-keeping | Team-working| Reporting | Safety Checks | Admin - Record-keeping | Vehicle Checks | Lifting & Handling

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