Boost your Career with a perfect CV and gain the Competitive Edge

Even if you have the most amazing job it makes sense to ensure your CV is up-to-date, and works to win job opportunities.

Helga Edge
September 1, 2019

Here are 10 strategies to ensure that your job search is well-planned and succeeds.

1. Optimise Your CV

Gone are the days when employers sifted meticulously through every word of a candidate´s CV. Today, if it doesn’t grab attention in those precious first eight seconds, it is in danger of being consigned to You Know Where.

A well-crafted CV should be crisp and appealing, containing engaging content that is rich with solid, supportable performance evidence. It should be elegant, straight-forward and include information that is easy to digest in a language that is simple and direct: a tool that will accelerate your job search and take you on the path to a rewarding role at a higher salary.

If you are on LinkedIn and have Testimonials - make sure you provide a link to your profile. Testimonials very impressive and on LinkedIn they are easily verifiable.

2.  Ensure yourLinkedIn ‘Image’ is professional

An appealing andprofessional headshot on LinkedIn Profile will undoubtedly contribute togrowing your network. A high quality image is more likely to reflect a positiveand successful persona.

3. Compile a portfolio of your Qualifications and Achievements

Very often during the CV writing process and interviews, clients cannot remember the gems oftheir careers.  I recommend that throughout their career they use the STAR -  Situation – Task – Action – Result approach


    Explain the situation that you werein - a short description - it could be: ‘a project’ or ‘problem resolved’.


    Explain what it is that you had to do, what the success criteria was, and be clear about your role.


    Include: What you did. Why you did it. How you did it. What skills you used.


    Explain: What happened as a result ofthe actions you took? What impact the result had overall on the task?

4. Learning & Development

To stay on top ofthe game, it is important to continue learning and keep your knowledge and skills up to date. The workplace can be an extremely competitive learning environment where people are assessed and compared to their colleagues. Exploring and attending training courses not only demonstrates your motivation towards personal improvement but also help to expand your skills and adapt to changes in the job market

5. Good Karma = Helping Others

There is a belief that good action creates good karma - whether material, moral or emotional. People with a  helpful nature who enjoy supporting others tend to encounter the best opportunities. Assisting others is possible by building strong Group networks on LinkedIn and taking up opportunities to help contacts with free advice on a whole host of employment issues.

6. Benefits of keeping your LinkedIn up-to-date

Employers are far more likely to turn to LinkedIn for verifiable information on potential employees, so keep your LinkedIn profile current and in tune with the roles you apply for. 

This can be achieved by reaching out to make new connections, sharing an interesting article, responding to posts, messaging people, tagging, introducing, or endorsing. Recruiters increasingly use LinkedIn to source candidates. Remember, it is estimated that a high percentage of jobs are filled by people who have been referred and recommended. Once on LinkedIn, build up your Connections and join Groups. Take an interest in and contribute to discussions. And remember, when tweaking your LinkedIn profile those first eight seconds are vital.

7. Networking

Don't put off networking, as often the power of a referral can be very strong. Contacts can include colleagues and employers, clients, customers, friends and family. If you are not on LinkedIn then you are missing fantastic opportunities to research job openings and get connected with people who are in the know.

Register with and submit your CV to recruitment agencies in your field, both off and online - and keep in regular contact. Remember – to be most effective, networking is a gradual two-way process of making genuine connections with people, seeing how you can help them – not just how they can help you - and cultivating those relationships for the long term.

8. Visual Presentation

It is hugely important to make a stellar first impression. It is a good idea to refresh your wardrobe from time to time to keep up to date with changing fashions. Wearing the perfect outfit in a professional environment is important. A dark-coloured suit, tie and polished shoes for men, and similarly a smart suit and shirt for women, is likely to contribute to presenting you as smart, the right candidate to fit well with the company.

9. Benefit of a Mentor

A mentor can optimise the personal, professional, job skills, self-worth and adaptability of their protégé by sharing their unbiased knowledge, expertise and experience. Their approach is to tell you straight, keep you focused, help you look at your situation from a fresh perspective. Their agenda is to help you to set and achieve your short-term goals with clearly defined focal points. The benefits usually far outweigh your time.

10. UpgradeYour Technology

Being up to datewith technology is seriously important in this hi-tech age, and rapidlyadvancing technological world. An old fashioned ‘phone or no an email address couldensure that you get left behind.

About the Author

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